Certified Greenhouse Farming

Certified Greenhouse farming is the most efficient use of land for producing fresh vegetables. Less land is required. It is sustainable. Water use is reduced. Few, if any, pesticides are applied. Summertime goodness is possible 365 days of the year.

No matter what the vegetable, growing to a defined standard requires the same attention to quality, food safety, and sustainability. Our Certified Greenhouse Seal assures you that all standards are met.  

Certified Greenhouse Farming is more than just a greenhouse. It's attention to detail that begins with the greenhouse and extends through the entire production process, from the first seed through the packaging of the freshest greenhouse vegetables. It's farming that uses advanced technologies based upon optimal nutrition for the plant. Just as certified organic production may require the use of pesticides, greenhouse farming may also use crop protection materials to control pests. But, because we grow in a controlled environment, we have systems in place to keep bugs out.. There is no doubt that our vegetables are picture perfect in appearance. They are also good for you and our farming is good for the environment.